Vivid Dreams

 I genetically come from a line of vivid dreamers.  My personal favorites are the dreams where I fly. Not just imagined flight, but arching, gliding, diving flight!    I can actually feel the wind on my face, see the tops of trees as I fly over them, and feel the emptiness in my stomach as I plummet toward earth and swoop upward at the last moment.  I remember my mom detailing the elements of her dreams at the breakfast table as we sat together as a family. We are typically unjudgmental in the interpretation of our family dreams. Usually there is no interpretation, just the enjoyment of the bazaar elements of the dream.  I write this preface so that those reading will not judge by the details of my dreams, but find entertainment therein.

 Last night I dreamed that I was climbing an incredibly difficult mountain. There were boulders, big holes, chunks of ice, and scattered debris. If you have ever studied the remnants of an avalanche after the thaw, this is what was found on the trail in my dream.   After struggling and climbing and physically hurting  as I climbed in my dream, the thought came to my mind, "This is my dream, I'll just change the trail." The landscape immediately became a smooth groomed  ski run.    End of dream.

I'm sure that there are many life analogies that can be drawn from this.  Draw your own.